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Tie wire

Tie wire

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  • Material:carbon steel,stainless steel
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  • Application:Construction,Industry
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Wire Mesh
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Tie wire is a galvanised, soft tensile wire used for tying barbed wire, wire netting, chain wire, hinged joint etc to strainer wire, trellis wire or tomato wire. Tie wire is easily cut and easily manipulated. Can be available in black.

Ideal for tying light and mediuim meshes, plant support, trellising tomatoes and general garden work.

tie wire

Tie wire, also written as tying wire, used for tying of the articles.
Supplied Forms: Cut wire, spooled wire, coil wire.
Finishes: Annealed, galvanized, coated.
Uses: Loopan tie wire is used as binding wire in gardens, daily life, handicrafts and certain industrial uses.

Tie Wire Coils offered by Wuzhou Kingda Wire Cloth Company are available in galvanised and black annealed types.

Rod ties are available on bundles of two thousand in galvanised or black annealed finish. Sizes offered for rod ties range from one hundred and ten millimetres to three hundred and fifty millimetres.
Wall Ties are created from wire Grade 316 stainless steel, which is essential for R4 classified areas in one kilometre of a surf beach or a galvanised coating wire of min 470g/m2 of zinc. This wire is red in colour and is deemed to be satisfactory for every area.


If you can envision it,We can supply it. TEL:0086-0318-5183242 E-mail:service@chinaubo.com MSNchinaubo@hotmail.com
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