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Perforated Sheets

Perforated Sheets

  • Category:Perforated Metal
  • Material:Aluminium plate,Stainess steel plate,plain steel plate
  • Properties:Suitable for decorative applications
  • Application:Filter plate Filtering plate Filteration plate Architectural Accents
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Wire Mesh    Wire Mesh
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Functional and attractive, perforated metal is seen virtually everywhere in today's world: as decorative architectural panels, light diffusers, air diffusers, and more. Perforated metal panels and plates have varied uses from screening to ventilation. The economical process of making lightweight perforated metal allows Petro-Wire and Steel to custom design architectural panels and stainless steel plates with a variety of holes, shapes and designs. Depending on the size and shape of the perforated openings and the gauge, punched metal can become many things. From a behind-the-scenes workhorse used to screen and filter a variety of materials, to a visually appealing light diffuser or air diffuser for architectural applications, perforated sheet metal is the solution that can even perform artistically as a display. Perforated decorative metal is especially great for making architectural panels that give buildings an attractive design touch.
In addition to our off-the-rack pre-perforated metal sheets, we can custom manufacture any quantity, size or shape of panels you need, including perforated aluminum and perforated stainless steel products. Keep in mind that punched metal can also be used in place of metal sheeting to lighten the weight of some products, without sacrificing too much strength. Ask us about perforated metal projects using an Inconel perforated plate or sheet, as well as a Monel perforated plate or sheet.

UBO supplys perforated material in three basic forms. They are sheet, coil, and tube.
The most common form of perforated material because of its versatility and ease in handling, perforated sheets can be supplied either as flat, fabricated, and/or finished product.

Typically produced from coil, perforated sheets can be produced in widths up to 60" and in any length (typically under 250" for shipping purposes). Supplied either fully perforated or with margins and/or blank areas, perforated sheets can be produced to meet your design and production requirements.

Perforated Sheets with alternate round holes at 45°, 60° and 90°

Perforated Sheets with even , alternate or set in diagonal square holes

Perforated Sheets with even or alternate oblong or rectangular holes

Perforated Sheets with fancy design (on request).

Ideal for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with automated production operations, perforated coils enable faster production by reducing handling of sheet material.
Supplied either fully perforated or as paneled sections either with or without precisely placed locator holes, perforated coil up to 60" wide can be produced in 16 gauge and thinner material to meet your design and production requirements.

Perforated Metal TUBE
Primarily used in automotive and filtration applications, perforated tubes are often subject to design requirements, stringent inspections, and competitive pricing.
Completely perforated or with blank areas, one hole size or a variety of them, straight or flared ends, perforated tubes can be made up to 6 inches in diameter and 30 inches in length in any metal type or thickness.

Perforated sheets are available in a variety of  hole patterns, including:

Round Holes,Square Holes ,Slotted Holes ,Diamond Holes ,Club & Round ,Hexagonal Holes


If you can envision it,We can supply it. TEL:+86 139 3283 4557 E-mail:admin@steellong.com MSNSkype
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