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Mesh BBQ Grill

Mesh BBQ Grill

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Wire Mesh
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Barbecue Grill Mesh is mostly used in roasting of meat, fish, wheat flour food in the outdoors. It's easy to take for camp and travel.

Barbecue Grill Mesh :Characteristics

Heat resising ,Stand fire, fixed shape, corrosion-resistance, nonpoisonous and tasteless.

Wuzhou Kingda Wire Cloth Co.,Ltd can offter the barbecue grill mesh in the shapes of circle, square, curve, etc.

Wuzhou Kingda has developed various shapes and sizes of cooking grids.They are based on stainless steel woven wire, stainless steel welded wire mesh and stainless steel crimped mesh.

Wuzhou Kingda provides One Time Use Grill,European bbq grill,Round Barbecue Grill,Stainless Steel BBQ Grill


If you can envision it,We can supply it. TEL:0086-0318-5183242 E-mail:service@chinaubo.com MSNchinaubo@hotmail.com
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