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Red Copper Screen Wire Mesh

Red Copper Screen Wire Mesh

  • Category:Woven Wire Cloth
  • Material:Copper Wire
  • Properties:Plain Weave,Twill Weave
  • Application:Window Screen
  • tag:red copper,screen mesh,
Wire Mesh
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Red Copper Screen Wire Mesh is a plain square woven mesh (over one, under one). Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity and is easily soldered. Copper mesh is ductile and malleable, but not as strong as brass wire mesh.

Applications of the copper mesh:

.Snail control--any copper mesh may be used (selection would be based on strength and appearance). The snail receives a small but unpleasant electrical shock when it contacts copper mesh. Gardeners build small ground barrier strips or wrap stems and trunks with mesh bands. 2, 4,or 8 meshes would be a good choices for small snail fences. 22 mesh is a sturdy, easily formed mesh that wraps easily.

.Insect screen--16 mesh .011 inch wire diameter

.RFI Shielding--16 mesh 0.011 inch wire dia. has a high airflow but the lowest shielding effectiveness; 22 mesh 0.015 inch wie dia. is a very sturdy mesh which still has good airflow but than 16 mesh; 100 mesh 0.0045 inch wire dia. is the finnest practical copper shielding mesh. It has resteicted airflow but is quite effective into the higher frequencies.

.Tempest shielding -- 22 mesh .022 inch wire diameter

.Root control -- 16 mesh .011 inch wire diameter

Copper wire cloth can aldo be used as ground planes and counterpoises for antennas, copper decorative lamps, cabinet screens, furniture, ornaments, gutter guard, faraday cages, sculpture paper making mesh, orgone energy boxes...

Custom order are available at your request.

Stainless Steel Type 304/304L Filter Mesh      

It is an austenitic, non-magnetic, thermally nonhardenable economical stainless steel. It resists most oxidizing acids,filter cloth withstands all ordinary rusting, and is immune to foodstuffs, sterilizing solutions, most organic chemicals and dyestuffs,print cloth and a wide variety of organic chamicals, but resists poorly halogen acids.

Stainless Steel Type 316/316L Filter Mesh 
It is similiar to Type 304 but distiguished primarily by the addition of molybdenum which significantly increases it's corrosion resistance. Type 316 can withstand corrosive attack by sodium and calcium brines,stainless steel filter cloth hypochlorite solutions, phosphoric, sulfurous, and acetic acids, and the hostile environment oft the body when used for implant

Stainless steel wire cloth is available in rolls or cutted into
wire mesh discs and also as fabricated filter assembly.woven wire mesh We are capable of processing the woven wire Hardware cloth cloth into different shapes and sizes according to your request or drawings



If you can envision it,We can supply it. TEL:0086-0318-5183242 E-mail:service@chinaubo.com MSNchinaubo@hotmail.com
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